Personilized Holistic Wellbeing Coaching

In my reality, illness or trauma are just built-in processes to guide you or collective groups for what they need to pay attention to increase wellbeing and ability to impact others.

We are born whole as we are part of the entire nature and as a result of the process of a creation which is unfolding step by step. Sometimes the process of self-regulation found on at every level of nature fails to support evolution and creates a physical or psychological challenge as a result of our conscious or subconscious choices.

Together we
– Look for ways to make the healthy choice the natural choice.
– Learn and integrate practical tools for improving your reality and living a more fulfilling life.
– Transform your experiences into essence.
– Learn to see the underlying dynamics of personal and collective unbalance that block development.
– Explore not only the external conditions but also inner worlds, ongoing relationships, and collective fields.
– Find your authentic expression to lead you to your path.

My unique coaching concept evolves an extensive knowledge of transpersonal psychological counseling, the Ayurveda concept of natural health, the teaching of yoga, analytical coaching, and a profound understanding of the specific needs of our time.

Heal yourself naturally at the core with me.